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Introducing Lenovo Endpoint Management powered by MobileIron

Discover the Power of Lenovo + MobileIron

  • Deploy modern UEM to manage Windows 10 PC’s, macOS, iOS and Android from a single console
  • Bridge the gap from SCCM and GPOs to UEM to maximize your investment
  • Secure Single Sign-On with adaptive policies for passwordless access to authorized apps and endpoints
  • Multifactor authentication for added security
  • Secure and containerize critical apps and sensitive data on any endpoint
  • Easy BYOD implementation
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Reduced Cost

Traditional management is costly, and labor-intensive. With modern management, it’s low-touch and scalable.


Free Up IT Resources

Modern management gets IT out of the device imaging business, and into the device management business. That means more time and resources for strategic initiatives that generate real ROI.


Improved Compliance

Since modern management doesn’t require devices to be domain joined to enforce security policies and configurations.



UEM makes Bring Your Own Device policies easy, secure and scalable by enabling end-users to self-register, and IT to provision and secure devices while preserving personal data privacy.


Faster Deployments

Devices can be in the field and operational for employees within hours.


Secure Data

Whether it lives in the cloud or a server, is being accessed on a phone or a PC, your data is secure and can only be accessed from authorized devices.


Support for Windows 7 is ending as early as 2020. With Windows 10 Microsoft is transitioning from traditional SCCM to Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

What is your Windows 10 deployment and management strategy?



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